Famous Mahavir Mandir, Patna near Patna Railway Junction, one of the most sacred temples for Hindus has been involved in many philanthropic activities for last several years. Purpose was to alleviate the pain and difficulties faced by the deprived section of the society.
Bihar and Jharkhand, together make up for a major chunk of the Hindi Heartland of India. With a population of about 11 crores, the two states have a burden of about 2.5 lacs cancer patients at any given time and approximately 80,000 new cancer patients are added every year to this pool. In comparison to the increasing number of cancer patients the existing few, and small cancer treatment units were highly inadequate to cater to their needs. This area was also lacking a comprehensive cancer centre for a long time where all the treatment facilities could be available under one roof.
Realising the huge burden of the cancer patients and lack of adequate treatment facilities in this part of India, the famous Mahavir Mandir Trust, Patna started the Mahavir Cancer Institute & Research Centre (MCSRC), at Patna for the first time. It is a comprehensive state-of-the art charitable cancer institute with all the treatment facilities under one roof.
In the leadership and guidance of Acharya Kishore Kunal is gaining a new horizon for day by day without any discrimination of any cast-creed, religion, social status or socially boycott patients of cancer. It is a dream of Acharya Ji that one day this treatment will be available to all poor cancer patients free of cost.
India accounts for 17% of cancer population of the world, we can say that every sixth cancer patient is an Indian. Out of these 17% of the patients reach hospital at the later stage which not only increases the risk factor but also the cost and the end results are accordingly discouraging. Every year 7,00,000 new cases are added and nearly half of them loose their lives. If we have to control and eradicate cancer, we must detect it at an early stage and create awareness in reference to cancer, tobacco, alcohol abuse, changes in life style can be a powerful strategy.
Mahavir Cancer Institute and Research Centre (MCSRC), Patna is a unique institution which offers “Affordable Care with Human Touch”.
We have the facility of excellent laboratory setup including Biochemistry, Histopathology and Cytology Department along with tumour marker and Immunohistochemistry as special features of the lab. Considering the accuracy of the results, our lab functions as reference lab for the other centres as well.
Our Onco-Surgery, Onco-Medicine & Radiation Oncology Departments are very well equipped and the consultants are capable of providing world class treatment without any cost escalation.
DNB is a prestigious degree of high value in our country and which fulfill the strict guidelines are only authorized to provide this honor. Today Mahavir Cancer Sansthan is authorized to provide DNB training to the degree holders. Which is being continued for the last 10 yrs and Doctors from all parts of country are coming from the training & study.
More than that this institution is running certification course which is approved by various universities.
Helpless and poor patients are provided with instant financial support from Mahavir Mandir Trust, Patna.
The main objective of the Mahavir Cancer Sansthan is to provide comprehensive treatment of cancer disease under one roof at the optimum cost so that he standardized treatment can be availed by poor patients.
Further the institute is progressing and always new chapter will be added which will give benefit to the poor sufferer of the society of this region.

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